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Welcome to the website of Lydia Discipleship Ministries. As Founder and President of LDM, I wanted to let you know that we here at the ministry appreciate your interest in and help with those whose lives are in the process of being rebuilt.

Many times, hurting people are not able to express to those who help them how grateful they are for that help. It is a bit like a man with a broken leg arriving at the emergency room. Because of his intense pain, he does not stop and take time to compliment the doctors and nurses on how wonderfully they are carrying out their job and how appreciative he is of their expert help. No! He is in pain! All he can think about is his leg, his life, his problem.
So, on behalf of those who cannot right now show their gratitude to you – be you a spouse, a pastor, a discipler, a counselor or a friend who is passing on to that hurting person the compassion of the Good Shepherd – for them, let me say “Thank you for all that you do, all that you give to them. May the Good Shepherd replenish your energy and fill you with His joy! Your labor is not is vain!”

I trust that the materials we have put together on our website is of use to you, both in a personal way as well as in the lives of those you minister to. In order to facilitate your using this information as you teach others, I have left many of them in the outline format. Please feel free to use these materials as the Lord leads.

Please let me know if we here at the ministry can help in any way.

Dr. Alaine Pakkala
Founder & President, Lydia Discipleship Ministries, Inc.
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Dear counselors,

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