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Helping the Wounded Within the
Context of a Community

One of the dangers of ministering to the most deeply wounded is the potential for burnout. As the hurting person looks to you for help, you may find that their needs become overwhelming to you, both in terms of time as well as your own emotional strength. The solution to this is to think of ministry in terms of team not just as one indifivual.

Below is the outline of the various team members that would be most effective in ministering to the deeply wounded noting the characteristics of each. I have also included what spiritual gifts might be needed by each team member. I have left space under "In My Community" for you to list those people in your particular situation who might take over that team responsibility. While it is possible to minister to the wounded without all of these different team members, we have found that the best case scenario is to ask the Lord to develop a community around the hurting person who are all involved in the healing process.

1. Counselor -- oversees the person's emotional healing

In My Community:

2. Informed Pastor -- provides spiritual authority and spiritual   guidance

In My Community:

3. Like-minded friend -- someone who has experienced similar challenges/wounding can provide support

In My Community:

4. Peer friend -- someone who is in the same age group of the individual can draw the person into community/church activities

In My Community:

5. Discipler -- This person is an experienced Bible teacher

In My Community:

6. Prayer-er -- commits to pray for the person, either anonymously without contact with the person or by having the person communicate specific prayer request

In My Community:

7. Older couple --   they provide a sense of family

In My Community:

Building Community

As you develop your ministry team, the following questions may be helpful in leading discussions to help them understand the role of community in the healing process.

Why is community crucial in the healing/maturing process?

What is community?

What are the important aspects of a healthy community?

What hinders authentic, Biblical community?

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