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Understanding the DID Mind

1) Mind noise -- constant confusion
--voices multiple conversations all going on simultaneously
--like radio on in background all the time, or turning dial to find a station
--lewd thoughts/pictures
--cascading pictures; snapshots/movie
--intense self-hatred w/negative self talk

2) perpetual motion (circling, feeling of being on roller coaster)
--purpose = keeps things calm
--hides the enemy’s work
--flight of ideas

3) terror driven mind ( not fear but terror)
--fear of insanity
--not able to control thoughts brings panic
--understand what feels like to switch; not control, going under anesthesia or

4) seething volcano of rage
--something within us says, “This is wrong”, no matter how young
--develop ways of coping
--constant busyness
--self-trancing; numbness; had to do to eliminate pain

5) Unique spiritual issues
a)system filled with lies
-about God (distortions)
-may confuse prince of air with God
-since Satanism is a religion, one of  goals is to forever        separate the child from God
-about the Bible
-verses twisted in ceremonies
-Bible is linked to the terror, the atrocities, often used as       justification for actions
-result = Bible feared and even hated and considered as part         of the darkness
-about themselves
-identity as a human being is clouded
-about other people
-difficulty trusting comes from assumptions made about all       people based on encounters with most people

b)spiritual passivity
-fog, numbness about spiritual things
-inability to read or retain truth
       -coldness toward God

c) often at root of passivity = a paralyzed will
-numbing power of overwhelming violence silences the will to resist
-feeling of total helplessness, powerlessness and vulnerability        experienced over and over again shuts down something inside, the         will to fight
-also, Satan will often extend hope and help and then will pull it         away, building the belief that the person will never be able        to escape his power; hopelessness that this causes results in a will         that refuses to make choices
-there is a giving up that leads to the view that a person’s body,         their soul, everything is not their own, and they have no control         over what is done to them; this is he ultimate in emotional deadness

d)confusions caused by counterfeit “spiritual”/psychic experiences 
-these involve supernatural powers that sometimes have been labeled        as from god
-all paranormal list here; ability to eliminate pain; mind reading; mind        travel; sexual experiences with demons

e)weak grasp on reality
-truth doesn’t matter
-life is not lives on a continuum but in snatches because of the                                                         dissociation
-confusion about time and place and identity
-leads to present moment-based living;
-therefore whether something is true or real, doesn’t matter
-learned that life doesn’t have to make sense;
-reality and truth aren’t a high priority

f)spiritual strongholds
-area in life that is a predominant problem

g)curses or covenants
-that block spiritual growth and understanding

h)presence of demonic forces within the person
-demonic invasion; sent or invited
-all have influences from outside; this is within
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