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“Triage for answering the front door”
(Godly assessment)

Their expectations:

Since our time usually goes pretty fast once we get started maybe we should jump right into your situation. What brings you here? [Why did you come?]

Who have you seen before for these issues?

What seemed to help you the most?

What wasn’t helpful?

Their connection with the Lord:

How would you describe your connection with God? [well-connected? distant? angry with Him?]

When did you become a Christian?

How would you describe what God is like?

Do you seem able to absorb truth when you read the Word?

What role does He play in your healing?

What do you want Him to do for you?

Their perceptions:

How have you seen yourself change as you’ve worked through the healing process?

What would you say is your main need right now?

Their belief system:

Tell me a little about your “church history”.

What is your understanding about the role of spiritual warfare in healing?

Their support system:

You would you say is currently part of your support team, those that care about you and know about your situation?

Their commitment:

How good are you at doing hard things?

Do you think that you are willing or able to do what we might call “the work of healing?”

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