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Listed below are the titles for the seminars and workshops offered by Lydia Discipleship Ministries. Many of them are team taught by Alaine Pakkala with other staff members. Some are also available on video or DVD. Contact us if you are interested in any of these seminars at lydiapress@yahoo.com

How to be a Barnabas

Today more than ever, the church is filled with people who need encouragers/helpers to help them grow in their spiritual lives. Many people are Christians, yet need some help to dump the “baggage” that has plagued them for years. This baggage may include the effects of addictions, sexual and physical abuse, and domestic violence to name a few.

This interactive workshop will teach you how to be a Barnabas (“Son of Encouragement”), a person  who comes alongside to encourage and help those who are working to get past their past. You’ll have the opportunity to learn what a Barnabas is like, the pitfalls to avoid and most importantly how to prepare to be one. A workshop manual is included. This provides handouts, Bible studies and other materials for one-on-one discipleship and for teaching in group settings. Materials for training your ministry team are also included.

If you are a pastor, counselor, Bible study leader, Sunday School teacher or a person who just wants to help hurting people, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss!!

How to teach  Katie’s Secret: Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Statistics show that about one about every five adults in churches today were sexually abused as a child. If these statistics are correct every churches should be prepared to help those in their congregations recover from this horrendous trauma. This workshop prepares a person to participate in the leadership team for Katie's Secret: Recovery from Sexual Abuse.

This workshop prepares a person to participate in the leadership team for Katie’s secret, a 20 week discipleship class dealing with sexual abuse recovery. There will be step by step training on not only understanding the materials for the class but also training in how to “facilitate revelation” that is, how to make room for God to speak to each of the women in the Katie’s Secret recovery class.

The following is a description of the Katie’s Secret recovery class itself: The emphasis is on “processing”, that is dealing with truth on a spiritual and emotional level.  The teaching style is interactive with minimal lecturing. For many of the students, direct revelation of truth from God, not static teaching, will bring about healing. The job of the leader is to facilitate this communication between the student and the Lord.

The class will focus on the following questions:


Katie’s Secret was a structure of time and a SAFE place for healing form sexual abuse. The use of open-ended questions to allow God to answer us directly through His Word and with His Holy Spirit helped create safety and allow God to heal us. No one told us what or how to think in order “to get healed.” This resulted in God healing my broken heart (at 62 years of age) from being sinned against sexually when I was between 6 and 7 years of age. This was a unique process– I have not experienced this way to healing before. God heals deep and complete when we invite Him to do it!

Play Ball!!
Ministering as a Team

This light hearted workshop is a powerful training for those who realize that the best way to minister to hurting people is to minister as a team. The practical learning provided by this class answers these questions:

Other issues addressed include: Emotional Maturity: Living Life with Nothing to Prove, Expectations, and Fouls Balls in Team Ministry. Whether you are already functioning as part of a team or are considering forming a ministry team, this fun-filled training is for you.

R&R Discipleship Training

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a discipleship class at your church that was especially designed to meet the needs of those who are working to get past their past? That past may have included addictions, sexual abuse or other traumas and brokenness.

Or if you are a counselor, you may have often wished that there was a program at your church that would be suitable for your clients – one that would serve as an adjunct to the counseling experience.

Now there is! The R&R discipleship class was specifically created to meet the needs of these hurting people.

Those who attend this leadership training workshop will learn how to implement this discipleship program in their church.

Topics covered include:

Joy in the Desert

In this talk, Alaine speaks about her personal journey with the Lord. God’s incredible faithfulness is emphasized as she tells of five incredible gifts from the Lord as she grew up in a severe abuse situation. The tragic events of her young life are not told in detail since her main focus is how God met her in her need. An uplifting encouragement for anyone regardless of the “desert” they are crossing in their life.

Other seminar and workshop topics include:

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