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Safeguards for those who help
Especially when ministering to those who have been involved in cults or the occult, it is important to for the helpers to remain spiritual and emotionally healthy. Some of the basic suggestions of how to do that include the following:

-deal with your own distortions about God

-become a person of prayer

-call sin, sin

-develop discernment

-have a clear understanding of the work of Christ and a balanced, Biblical                        view of spiritual warfare

-be aware of the enemy’s specific snares

-self-reliance -- pridefully relying on your own spiritual strength to deal                                with any spiritual issues

-intimidation -- putting thoughts in your head that IF you help this                                person, Satan will do this or that

-retaliation -- frightening you by telling you that there is connection                                   between an event in your life and the fact that you are helping this                                     person

-engagement -- being enticed into talking to or arguing with                                               demonic forces in the person

-deception -- asking the wicked spirits for information or leading                                        about what to do next, when we have the HOLY SPIRIT within us to                                   help us discern

-fascination -- becoming intrieged with the darkness and focusing on                                gaining information and understanding detailed specifics about how                                the demonic works

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