Our Ministry Team
Equipping the church to disciple hurting people
Dr. Alaine Pakkala
As president of Lydia Discipleship Ministries, I really enjoy training leaders -- professional counselors, lay-counselors, pastors, disciplers and others -- helping them understand how to effectively minister to hurting people. Through resources I have written and through conferences our ministry presents, I am able to especially equip those who help the most deeply wounded -- those with dissociative issues (DID). Having come from a difficult past myself, I am living proof that we serve a God who rebuilds people's lives, a God who "makes up for the years that the locust have eaten."
Pastor Daryl & Vicki Anderson
My wife Vicki and I bring to the table experience in marriage restoration, spiritual warfare and working with dissociation. Our main focus is to train laymen to work in the area of marriage restoration and discipleship of those with deep emotional wounds. We currently speak at conferences and teach at the various schools for Deeper Walk Ministries. I also serve to help counselors, spouses and parents understand dissociation and how to work with individuals that have DID. For long term counseling we have developed a network of referrals for marriage restoration, spiritual warfare counseling and DID counseling. I have written two separate books in this arena.
Dawn Remtema
As a staff member at Lydia Discipleship Ministries, I enjoy assisting those who call the office asking questions regarding discipling the wounded and setting up appropriate discipleship classes for the wounded, or praying with those struggling in their walk with the Lord. I have the opportunity to proofread and use many of the discipleship or training materials Alaine or other staff have written. In turn, I am able to describe the uniqueness and effectiveness of appropriate discipleship since I too have been involved in teaching in such Bible studies. With many years experience as an overseas missionary before coming to LDM, I have seen God transform lives as I have used Lydia Discipleship Ministries materials in training seminary students and new village converts in Sri Lanka and India.
I'm the IT person that developes Lydia's websites and keeps them running. Also, with my doctorate in counseling, I mentor ladies in a one-on-one setting and work especially with those from a Dissociative Identity Disorder background. I also train lay-counselors to work with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Joann Roof
Our Faithful Prayer Team
There are many individuals who feel called to be part of our national prayer team. They are a vital part of what we do and we are so glad that they are a part of the Lydia Discipleship Ministry Team.
Our Board of Directors

Pastor Michael Stevens
After being involved in Operation Mobilization, Michael served for many years as the Pastor of Salem Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational, evangelical church in Salem, Michigan. He has a  B.A. in Education, a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, LLP. He is currently employed at Community Living Services in Wayne, MI.

Karen Nottenkamper
Until her husband’s death in 1974, Karen ministered beside him as pastor’s wife of a small church in Michigan. Her business experience includes: Vice President of Operations for Polk City Directories, Livonia, MI, and Sr. Account Manager for White Cap, Inc., Downers Grove, IL;. Currently, she is involved at her local church as a women’s Bible Study leader.

Arnold Remtema – Arnold was involved with foreign missionary radio with Trans World Radio in Bonaire, Netherlands, Antilles and Sri Lanka from 1971 through 1990. During this time he functioned as technician, field director and program developer for India. Currently, on loan from TWR, he heads up the World By Radio office in Colorado Springs, CO. This is a resource office for seven missionary radio organizations, helping them to reach people groups without any gospel witness throughout the world through various media. He has a B.S. degree and a Master’s of Ministry degree from Moody Bible Institute.

Dawn Remtema -- With many years experience as an overseas missionary with her husband Arnold, Dawn has a diploma in Sacred Music from Moody Bible Institute, a B.M. from Roosevelt University and a Master’s of Ministry from Moody Bible Institute. Both she and her husband have been involved in cross-cultural teaching, training both seminary students and new village converts in Sri Lanka and India. For nine years, at her church in Colorado Springs, Woodmen Valley Chapel, she gave oversight to the Adopt-a-Family Program, an evangelistic outreach to low income families. She also taught in the two year, Rebuilding and Renewing discipleship program for wounded women.

Pastor Daryl Anderson -- Daryl is a Certified Public Accountant who had his own accounting practice in Sioux City, Iowa for many years.  In his accounting practice he served many Christian organizations and non-profit organizations.   During his tenure in accounting, he assisted in the start up of the International  Center for Biblical Counseling, Inc., currently known as Deeper Walk Ministries (whose founder was Dr. Mark Bubeck). He served as their accountant, board member, secretary, and treasurer. He and his wife Vicki are currently on staff with Lydia Discipleship Ministries, serving as pastoral counselors/disciplers with Daryl also being the accountant for the ministry.

Ken Goodyear – Ken is the newest member of our Board of Directors. He has a degree from Kansas State in Animal Science and since 1977 has been involved in swine production.He is currently on staff with The Navigators and he and his wife are also involved in helping those in the Kansas City Metro area to find emotional and relational healing.

Dr. Alaine Pakkala – Currently, Alaine is president, Lydia Discipleship Ministries. She has a B.S. in Music Education, a Master’s in Music Education and a Ph.D. in counseling. For 20 years, she was on the music faculty of several Christian colleges including Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio and William Tyndale College, Farmington, Michigan. She is also on the faculty of Deeper Walk, International’s Institute (formerly the Institute for Biblical Counselors.) While Alaine was still teaching at the collegiate level, she founded Lydia Press, a small Christian publishing company as well as Lydia Discipleship Ministries. At Lydia Discipleship Ministries Alaine focuses on intentional Christian leadership development through writing resources, speaking at leadership training venues and mentoring others through discipleship classes.

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