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Special Issues of Suicide for MPD's

One of the main things to remember when helping an MPD resist suicide is to always let them know that they will always be in control of the situation; i.e., that you will never force them to go anywhere or do anything that they themselves do not choose to do.

From their past experiences, they were most likely never in control, either physically held down, spiritually overwhelmed, or emotionally manipulated. Therefore it is important to stress that they are in charge of their life.

As mentioned before, never corner, physically restrain or grasp the person. Also, don’t make quick, unexpected movements. Always inform or ask permission to touch them.

Be honest with your feelings. Say things like, “I would be so sad if you died. You are so special to me.” “You’re such a fighter and have gone through so much. It would be so sad if you were to give up right before the good part begins.”

Help them realize that the people who abused them in the past would be gleeful if they died. “Don’t let them win” may be a helpful reminder.

Ask them if they have told their counselor. Make every effort to convince them to call him/her. But do not call the counselor without the person’s permission. (This is a controversial issue, I realize, but from personal experience, I do not believe that responsibility for this should be taken by the helper.) The issue of trust is also at play here. Let them know clearly that without their permission you will not tell someone else about their situation. If they will not allow you initially to contact their counselor, keep trying to convince them.

Always pray with them if they are agreeable. Realize that there may be spiritual issues, lies from demonic forces at work in them. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom as to how to specifically pray for the person in this regard.

A note of encouragement; I believe that MPD’s are one of the least likely populations to actually commit suicide. This is because their emotional overload is not usually due to any chemical imbalance in the brain (such as Bi-Polar illness) but to emotional/spiritual damage from past experiences.

Remember at all times that within yourself, you do not have the resources to prevent a suicide. But you do have a lifeline to the One who can !
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