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Clues that a person may have DID
We are not suggesting that your main job when you minister to a deeply wounded person is to discover IF they havd DID and IF you believe they do, to immediately tell them. This route can be counter productive in your ministry.

The easiest scenario is if someone comes to you with an already confirmed DID diagnosis. However, this is not always the case. If it is not, we are giving the following "clues" to look for, that MAY indicate that a person has DID.

Please be aware, however, that dissociation is something every human being does to some degree or another, (for example, daydreaming while driving and suddenly finding yourself at your exit with no recollection of the specifics of your drive.) What is important in helping those with DID is to realize that on the dissociative continum, they are at the extreme, having experienced trauma so severe that they have actually "split off" inside themselves and developed individual "personalities".

What we have listed below are some possible clues that the person you are ministering to has, indeed, developed DID as a result of their trauma.Those who have come from an SRA background, where Satanic Ritual Abuse was performed on them, always, (based on my personal experience) have DID. However, be aware that there are some people who have totally dissociated who do not come from an SRA background. The following clues relate to both these scenarios:

They have unexplainable periods of time missing in their memory.
This may take the form of major memory gaps in their childhood expressed in       such statements as "The first thing I can remember happening to me as a child    was an event when I was six. Before that time, I don't remember any of my             childhood."

  Or the person may remember being in their home at ten o'clock in the morning              and then "come to" so to speak at seven o'clock in the evening in a shopping                mall. They have no recollection of how they got there or what happened during              the hours that they "missed." (In DID literature, these missing periods of time are called "fugue states".)

You may be talking to the person when suddenly they may have a brief look of      confusion on their face followed by a totally different type of behavior, topic of conversation or attitude. They may exhibit a new level of immaturity in both their     vocabulary, their body posture as well as their voice tone.

  They may be confused about who you are, where they are as well as what is          going on.

These contradictory comments are usually made by different parts or    personalities.

Such practices as reading tarot cards, playing Dungeons and Dragons or other occultic fantasy games, levitation, mind reading, trying to contact the dead, having special healing powers or participating in occult groups such as Voodoo, Freemasonry, Wicca or Santeria are all indications that there may be generational demonic activity.

Typically, government authorities are hesitant to remove a child from a suspected abusive home unless there is clear evidence of that abuse and/or the level of abuse is severe.

Such scars as cigarette or other burn marks, vaginal deformities or other cuts or marks that they cannot remember the circumstances in which they received them, are clues that they probably experienced a severe level of abuse.

An intense, unexplainable reaction to the color red, to robes, to black items, or to a whole host of other individual "triggers" (based on the specific elements present at the time of their abuse), can be a clue. This is especially so if the person doesn't know why they are reacting so intensely.

Such comments as "My mother was in and out of mental hospitals", or "My father was diagnosed as a schizophrenic" should be noted. For example, the paranoia that is part of an accurate schizophrenic diagnosis often leads to the afflicted parent severely abusing the child in horrific ways, believing that the child is "out to get me."

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